Studio Shoe Specifics & Purchasing Locations

The shoes necessary for each class are as follows. I do not require dancers to purchase a specific shoe. The only thing I do require is that the shoe is the correct color. The brand and style of shoe is completely up to your dancer’s desired preference.

Shoes can either be purchased directly through me at the studio, on your own (either online or in a store) or you can pick through our bin of used, donated shoes at the studio. Keep in mind I only keep a limited inventory of dance shoes in stock at the studio. Most new shoes will need to be ordered.


    • Girls – Pink ballet shoes (either leather or canvas)
    • Boys – Black ballet shoes (either leather or canvas)


    • Black tap shoes (both boys and girls) (either slip-on, lace-up, ribbons or velcro)


    • 6th Grade and Under – Black jazz shoes (either slip-on or lace-up)
    • 7th Grade and Older – Nude/Tan foot undeez

Junior High Kick:

    • Black jazz shoes (can be the same as the ones worn for the 2nd – 6th grade jazz classes) (either slip-on or lace-up)

Modern/Contemporary & Competition:

    • Nude/tan foot undeez (can be the same as the ones worn for the 7th-12th grade jazz classes)