It’s that time of year again…TIME FOR OUR ANNUAL STUDIO ART CONTEST…and I could not think of a better and more perfect time to put those creative minds of yours to work!

The recital program cover (and back cover) is an annual art contest held by our studio where each dancer has the opportunity to submit a drawing to be in the running for being printed on the front or back cover of our program for the 2020 Spring Recital. This program is handed out at the recital to all who are present and lists the order of classes performing as well as each dancer participating in each class. The contest is open to dancers of all ages and will be split into two different age groups: Preschool – 3rd grade and 4th – 12th grade. All entries will be voted on by your fellow dancers during regular class. Each dancer will get the opportunity to vote for their favorite drawing in each age group. From there, the entry with the top votes in each age group will be placed in the running for either the front or back cover of our recital program. Between the two, the drawing with the most votes will be printed on the front cover and the runner-up will be printed on the back cover. All art submissions are due back to me NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, APRIL 23RD.

If your dancer plans to submit a drawing, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed:

  1. All entries must be submitted on a standard piece of PLAIN WHITE paper (DO NOT USE NOTEBOOK PAPER)
  2. All entries must be drawn in PENCIL or BLACK pen (NO COLOR SHOULD BE USED)
  3. All entries must be dance related
  4. Only one submission per dancer
  5. No tracing – free-hand drawings only
  6. Before submitting your drawing, your dancer needs to include their full name and grade on the BACK of the drawing

The drawings that do not get selected for the program will still be displayed at our 2020 Spring Recital in the entry for all to see. Now go and put those creative minds to work dancers! I cannot wait to see what you come up with!